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STEAM Summer Camp

Spectrum science and art camp sparks children’s curiosity, discovery, and creativity through our outdoor nature classroom and indoor STEAM designed environment. Children embark on weekly exploration of STEAM topics, participate in fun hands-on activities, and create personalized take home projects.

On-Site Weekly Sessions

  • Days:    3 days | 4 days | 5 days per week
  • Times:  9:00am - 12:00pm | 12:00pm - 3:00pm | 9:00am - 3:00pm
  • Ages:    2 - 9
  • *Age 2 children are placed in a separate group and encouraged to be potty trained, underwear or pull ups.

STEAM Summer Camp Topics

  • July 6 - 9                         Outdoor Science: Nature & Living Things

    Young naturalists explore the diverse wildlife hidden in Port Washington’s natural world and Spectrum’s Outdoor Nature Classroom. On nature walks, children collect insects, crustaceans, and plant species. Children observe land and water creatures under a microscope, document the behaviors and characteristics of their findings, and more!
         STEAM Challenge: Make a natural wonderland.

    *Parental permission is required for children to be taken on local nature walks. Age 2 group and children without permission remain on Spectrum campus.

  • July 12 - July 16               Go Wild: Animals & Ecosystems

    Young ecologists explore planet Earth’s biomes and examine the diversity of animal and plant life that thrive in different ecosystems. Children investigate the intricate relationships between animals and their natural environments and discover how the need for survival drives animals to adapt in wild ways. Children create mini-biomes, build and customize a wild animal, and more!
         STEAM Challenge: How could we save Earth’s wildlife from habitat destruction?

  • July 19 - July 23               Dino Might: Dinosaurs & Paleontology

    Young paleontologists explore prehistoric times when dinosaurs roamed the earth, investigate when and how they lived, and discover interesting facts about these terrible lizards. Children build dino-land, excavate fossils, and more!
         STEAM Challenge: Are dinosaurs really extinct, fact or opinion?

  • July 26 - July 30               Deep Space: Astronomy & Cosmology

    Young astronomers research the fascinating mysteries of outer space, discover how galaxies are formed, how stars are born, and why nothing can escape black holes. Children explore the solar system, investigate ancient and modern constellations, learn about NASA’s newest robotic rover named Perseverance, and more!
         STEAM Challenge: Create a spacecraft and blast off to your own personalized planet.

  • August 2 - August 6         Natural Beauty: Visual Arts & Geometry

    Young artists investigate how mathematics creates the beauty found in nature and art. Children interpret numbers, shapes, and patterns to create stunning natural phenomena art through drawing, painting, and sculpting. Children discover the connections between art, mathematics, and nature, integrate famous artists’ techniques and materials into unique masterpieces, and more!
         STEAM Challenge: Make a sparkling "Eye of the Sahara".

  • August 9 - August 13     Image That: Inventions & Engineering

    Young inventors and engineers research the world’s coolest inventions that have driven society from the stone age to present time. Children tinker and experiment with various makerspace materials and technologies to test the laws of physics, build electrical and nonelectrical inventions, and more!
         STEAM Challenge: Can we cook s’mores without electricity or a fire?

  • August 16 - August 20     Construction Site: Architecture & Interior Design

    Young architects explore famous structures and architects from around the world and learn the different styles and stages of architecture and interior design. Let’s get building! Children plan, design, construct the exterior and interior of unique structures, and more!
         STEAM Challenge: Design and construct a building with lights or moving parts.

  • August 23 - August 27     What’s Trending: Fashion Design

    Young designers research fashion trends, imagine, and create an inspiring fashion collection. Children learn the fundamentals of fashion design as they explore influential trends through the decades. Children bring design concepts to life through mixing-and-matching fabrics, accessories, textures, and colors.
         STEAM Challenge: Design and create the fashion trend of 2022.

Enjoy the outdoor playground, sand and water exploration, nature classroom, soccer, natural snow cones, and more!


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